1.4. Navigating the application

The DHIS 2 has two menu systems; the top menu which leads to the various modules, and the left side menu inside most modules to navigate between features inside each module.

The DHIS 2 symbol in the top left corner is a fast link to the user-defined start page, the home page. Often this is set to the dashboard module.

The logout button is on the far right of the top menu.

1.4.1. The top menu - access to the modules

The DHIS consists of various modules (major components) which each have specific features, such as data entry, reporting, dashboard. You can access these modules from the top menu either under Maintenance or Services. Maintenance is mostly used by system administrators that maintain the application and might not be visible. Services is where you will find the more operational features like data entry, data quality and reporting. Under the top menu item Help you can access the built-in user manual, update your user details, or view information about the running DHIS application.

To move to a new module you need to move the mouse pointer to one of the top menu items; Maintenance, Services, or Help. Then a submenu with modules will appear. Click on the module you would like to open.

1.4.2. Navigation inside modules

When you open most of the modules you will see the module main page which lists the major submodules or features in the middle of the screen with a short description. Simply click on the feature you would like to open.

When inside a module you will always see the left side menu with links to its features. Use this menu to jump between features.

The data entry and dashboard modules do not have a menu system as they only contain one feature, everything is in one page, so no need for a menu there.