5.2. Using report tables

Report tables are one of the more basic report options, but are fast and simple to use. To run a report table first navigate to the list of available report tables in Services->Reports->Report Tables and the click on the Green and white arrow (the first symbol in the operations list) next to the report table you want to view.

Report parameters: Most report tables have parameters, which means that you can filter which orgunits and/or periods you want in the report. This makes the reports much more reusable. When you run the report table a Report parameter window will open and ask the user to input values for the selected parameters. The possible parameters are Reporting Month and Organisation Unit, and either one of these or both will show in the window. After selecting the values click on the Get Report button.

Export/view options: When the report table is ready it will be displayed in a html view. The report table can be exported to pdf (for better printing and easier saving), excel, csv, and also to a standard report format (Jasper) with a nicer table and a chart shown in pdf, or as a jasper design file for further improvements and changes to the report design before uploading it as a standard report (see the Creating standard reports section).