5.5. Using charts

Charts are accessible in the Report menu under Services. You will see a list of available charts that have already been created. Charts do not have parameters like the reports tables and standard reports, but can be set up with so called relative periods which makes them dynamic and reusable over time. Data will then be fetched from a period based on the current time of chart generation, e.g. a monthly report will contain data for the month of January if the chart is generated any time in the month of February. The orgunit used in the chart can also be dynamic and then follow the orgunit assigned to the current user running the chart. Whether charts are dynamic in terms of period or orgunit depends on each chart's definition/configuration. See the section on setting up charts for more details.

To view a chart simply click on the green and white arrow next to the chart you would like to see and the chart will be displayed in a new window. You can save the chart as an image by right clicking on the chart and select Save As. Then the chart can be stored on the local computer and printed as any other image file.