5.6. Using the dashboard

The dashboard is your first view into the data every time you log on to the system. Every user has its own dashboard, and a dashboard consists of 4 chart areas to the right and 3 short cut areas to the left.

Customise shortcut areas: Each of the three short cut areas can hold a list of items from one of the following objects; Reports (standard), Documents, Data mart exports, Report tables, Map views, RSS Health. To add a new object type to a shortcut area click on the Insert link just above the area. Then to populate the list you need to add items one by one from the Services->Reports menus. From the various lists of reports, report tables, charts etc. you can add an item by clicking on the pie chart icon next to the item you want to add to the dashboard.

E.g. to add your three favourite standard reports to the dashboard, first Insert Reports to one of the shortcut areas in the dashboard, then go to Services->Reports and click on Standard reports. From the list of standard reports you locate the reports you want and click on the pie chart icon next to each of the reports you want to add to the dashboard. When you go back to the dashboard you will see the three reports listed in the shortcut area where you inserted Reports.

Use the Clear link above the shortcut area to empty an area. The Close link closes the insert menu without inserting a new object type.

Customise chart areas: There are four chart areas. To insert a chart simply click on insert and click on one of the charts in the list. Use Close to close the list without adding a new chart, and use Clear to empty a chart area. These charts will be updated every time you open the dashboard, will automatically show data for the orgunit assigned to the current user, and will update the data when new periods are available.