5.7. Using completeness reports

Access the completeness report from the Services->Reports menu. Completeness reports will show how many datasets (forms) that have been submitted by orgunit and period. You an use one of three different methods to calculate completeness; 1) based on completeness button in data entry, 2) based on a set of defined compulsory data elements, or 3) based on the total registered data values for a dataset.

To run the report do the following:

Select an orgunit from the tree.

Select one of the completeness methods.

Select all or one dataset (All will give you a report with all datasets for the seelcted orgunit. One dataset will give you a report with completeness for all the children of the selected orgunit.

Select a period type and a period from the list of available periods for that period type. Move back/forward one year by using the Prev/Next buttons.

Then the report will be shown automatically.

Change any of the parameters above and the report will be updated automatically.