6.3. Tools

This section describes the available GIS tools, which are available on the "Tools" section of the map toolbar.

6.3.1. Register favorite map views

Click the "Favorite map views" button (star icon) on the toolbar to get the context menu. The first option is "Manage favorites" which opens up a window where you are supposed to type the name of the favorite and select the layer you want to save. If you are an administrator you can check the "System" checkbox to make the favorite available to all users. From the bottom combobox you may delete a favorite or add it to the DHIS 2 dashboard.

6.3.2. Register legend sets

Example usage (vaccination coverage): Firstly, create the legends that are going to constitute the legend set. The first one could be "Low bad" (display name), 0 (start value), 30 (end value), red (color). Then create "Medium" / 30 / 70 / yellow and finally "High good" / 70 / 100 / green. Now, open the "legend set" panel, type e.g. "High is good" as display name and select the desired legends below. Multi-select your three legends by pressing and holding the Ctrl/Shift button when selecting. Then click the register button to store the legend set. Assign indicators/data elements to your legend set in one of the two last panels. Select the legend set in the combo box and multi-select items in the list below. Click the assign button to update the legend set. Please see the referred window in section 1.1.

6.3.3. Exporting/saving map images

Click the image icon on the map toolbar and the print window will open. Title: Image title, will appear as a headline in the image. Layers: Choose whether polygons, points or both will be printed. Width/Height: The pixel resolution of the image. Choose among the predefined "small" (800x600), "medium" (1190x880), "large" (1920x1200) or type the exact number of pixels yourself (type the number only, avoid text like "px"). If you want to exclude the legend from the image, untick the legend checkbox. Finally click the export button to print the image (PNG). Please see the referred window in section 1.1.

6.3.4. Measure distance

Click the two-way arrow icon on the map toolbar to enter measuring mode. Now, click your desired start location on the map and a dotted line will follow the cursor toward your destination. Single click to create a line point, double click to finish the line. To exit measuring mode, click the toolbar icon again or close the window.